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I finally posted something, after all this time. It's a work I did in about half an hour. There's a small story behind it. I haven't been scouted yet, sadly. I hope it makes it to the art portal. I know it's bad, it was my first try using an art program, ever. I've never even used MS paint until now. Sumopaint 1.1
Dang it! I can't post it. Well, it's under my art section. Please scout me, someone.

"Welcome to Newgrounds!"-You

2009-05-25 12:43:31 by Vladith

Hey, I'm a member of Newgrounds now!
I've lurked for a bit, spent most of my time watchin' flash.
Sadly, I lack the funds to by flash and create my own videos. I have an awesome idea, but, no flash.
I think I'll still have a great time at Newgrounds.

I love Johnny Utah's Tankmen series. Aladdin 3150 is really awesome, too.

So, here I am at Newgrounds.