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Entry #2

I finally posted something on NewGrounds!

2009-06-19 17:35:43 by Vladith

I finally posted something, after all this time. It's a work I did in about half an hour. There's a small story behind it. I haven't been scouted yet, sadly. I hope it makes it to the art portal. I know it's bad, it was my first try using an art program, ever. I've never even used MS paint until now. Sumopaint 1.1
Dang it! I can't post it. Well, it's under my art section. Please scout me, someone.


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2009-06-19 18:31:01

Cool stuff


2009-06-24 13:31:34

It's not completely terrible, in fact, it's a pretty good first try. Really though, don't submit your first work ever to the Art Portal and expect to get legitimately scouted, practice some more and then put some effort into a really good picture.